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The Most Strange Yet The Best Nightclubs In The World!

The most strange yet the best nightclubs in the world!

Nightclubs are the best destinations for party lovers. People try to find fun, relaxation, and excitement in nightclubs—also, the design and ambiance of nightclubs matter.

The nightclubs somehow celebrate the unusualness of life with insane themes and bizarre themes. So, we have lined up some strange yet best nightclubs in the world!

  • Dubai’s “Chillout”

Chillout in Dubai is well-known as the first subzero nightclub in the Middle East ever. The place is indeed a great escape from the hot, boring world; every part of this nightclub is surrounded by ice and thus looks strange but extraordinary!

Singapore’s “The Clinic”

  • Singapore’s “The Clinic”

A nightclub in a clinic or a clinic in a nightclub?! This might sound strange, but there is a nightclub like a Singapore clinic that serves drinks and cocktails in drips instead of medicines. Also, there is a peculiar seating arrangement where the visitors can sit on wheelchairs or lie down on typical hospital beds! That sounds interesting, isn’t it? Crash into this place in Singapore to experience something unusual yet incredible!

  • London’s “Evans and Peel Detective Agency”

Evans and Peel Detective agency has got its vibes just right!

As this is a nightclub based on a detective theme, there are no compromises made in the complete design of the nightclub and the way it is being portrayed. Before entering this nightclub, one should be prepared with a fake case and, later, book an appointment with the particular special agents. Once you enter the special office, a detective opens the door constructed in a hidden place on the bookshelves so that you can sneak into the nightclub effortlessly!

  • Ukraine’s “Eternity”

Eternity seems like the perfect place for people who prefer to drink alone in peace and think about natural life. This is a nightclub inside a massive coffin. The owners of a funeral parlor founded this lively nightclub!

  • Miami’s “b.e.d”

Miami’s “b.e.d” is the perfect place for people who love sleeping, drinking, music, and dancing. There are massive beds for the visitors to chill in, and the club heartily welcomes all the lazy buddies out there with the best music!




  • Indian Ocean- “Subsix”

Subsix is situated in the middle of the deep Indian ocean. What? Is this true? Absolutely! This bar and club are located six meters below the Indian Ocean, surrounded by glass walls, while the customers are served good alcohol, cocktails, mocktails, and food. At the same time, they enjoy the incredible view of the ocean and a vast collection of fishes that give a surreal experience to the customers!

  • Thailand- “The Pimp”

The Pimp Club in Bangkok is a man’s dream.  But this is no normal nightclub. It’s a Gentleman Club, home to over 200 beautiful Thai models.   Its the best place in Bangkok for people who live to live life Party and a party BIG,  and of course who demand the best ladies, booze, and luxury money can afford,


Some of these nightlife venues might sound creepy or unusual or different or unique. The only thing common in them is the creativity behind their creation and that we should visit them at least once in our lifetime.


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