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Ham And Sherry

Find all the best, tasty and refreshing drinks at Ham and Sherry. We prepare our food
with great love and have a deep appreciation for the culinary arts.

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Creme Brulee

Enjoy this popular custard treat. Dig your spoon in and hear the crackle. It is a delight for those with a sweet tooth.


We know how to cook our sausages and bring out some really unique flavors in them! It is an absolute favorite among customers.

Seafood Tapas

We bring to you the most authentic seafood tapas dishes ever. Enjoy the best of Spanish cuisine at our place.

Accompany Meat

We have mastered the art of cooking meat. Many of our customers keep coming back for a reason.

Fino-Style Sherry

Who doesn’t love a good sherry wine? We’ve got a great list of them!

Elegant Dessert

Enjoy mouthfuls of one of the yummiest custard treat you will ever find.


Ham & Sherry Back Bar

Nothing beats this tapas-style combo and the Ham & Sherry Back Bar.

We’ve got all the best meats, liquor, and sherry wines in stock at our new sexy nightclub, the only member club in Asia swang enough to be called The Pimp.

“Oh, how I love the Spanish flavors! Ham and Sherry have, without a doubt, totally mastered the tapas style food.”
Joan Coffelt
“As a blogger, I am always on the lookout for the best bars in town and pay close attention to the flavors and service. At Ham and Sherry, I found myself becoming completely immersed in the experience like I had never been before. I am thinking of going again.”
Sherry Enoch
“Ham and Sherry serve the most juicy and yummy meat dishes. I always overindulge myself with the crème brulee. I am a regular customer and I intend to visit this place over and over again.”
Joshua Churchwell
Food Lover

Why choose us?

Because we love to see the delight on your faces when you enjoy our food and drinks! We love what we do. Your smile and satisfaction are everything to us.

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