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General Tips for Pairing Tapas & Craft Beer

General Tips for Pairing Tapas & Craft Beer

Tapas cuisine and craft brews are both fascinating in their own right. As a result, finding the perfect fit for both things that complement each other is challenging. However, in this article, you’ll get a few ideas on how to match tapas with craft brews.

What is tapas food?

Tapas is a dish that includes Spanish appetizer that is typically accompanied by alcoholic drinks. These are an excellent match for wine and beer and allows you to interact with others by sharing the dish. Because tapas food is often bite-sized, you can try more than one tapas dish while you’re at a bar. You can keep trying till you get tired since it won’t fill you up. Tapas cuisine includes everything from bread to ham and olives to octopus. You can order whatever you want because tapas meal combines various flavors and pairs well with alcohol.

craft beer

 What is craft beer?

You’re probably wondering what the term “craft beer” implies. Craft beer refers to beers brewed on a small scale by independent breweries using locally available ingredients to create unique and distinctive types of beer. These small-scale breweries make a limited number of beers yearly. Craft beers, in general, require a great deal of personal expertise and quality to create the perfect yet unique beer.

Tips for pairing craft beer with tapas food

There is no hard and fast rule on how to enjoy your beer or what kind of food to pair it with. Because everyone’s taste is different, food and drink selections may be subjective. However, for a better experience, combine the drinks and food to highlight the contrasting flavors. Make sure to pair your foods with flavors that complement each other. Always remember to keep the flavors of your drink and meal in check. Only by following these simple guidelines will you notice how the proper food selection enhances your drink and food taste.

kinds of craft beer

Here are five different kinds of craft beer to try and foods to pair them with.

  • Amber lagers feature a toasted or caramel-like malt flavor and are moderate. This pairs well with each other because they both have a similar nutty flavor, providing a clean and crisp experience.
  • With a fruity and spicy beer like Belgian Saison, pair a seafood dish with garlic and butter. The spiciness of the beer will well complement the saltiness of the seafood.
  • If you want a bitter, dark, and roasted flavor drinking experience, combine American Black Ale with fats such as ham and cheese, which will complement each other’s flavors wonderfully.
  • For an even more bitter brew, try Imperial India Pale Ale served with pork Botifarra Sausages to cut through the bitterness and complement the drink.
  • If you enjoy fish and beans but don’t know what to drink with them, this is the dish for you. English Brown Ale can be a good choice for you because of its sweet taste, which will complement the flavors of the food. ‍



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